We Believe

The Sanilac County Democratic Party is an organization that sees as its purpose a better life for working men and women, youth & seniors--every citizen. 

We believe in an income tax plan that is fair to all, not one that focuses on benefitting special interests and the wealthy. 

We believe in fair trade, not the "free" trade that has hurt our farmers and costs our manufacturing workers their jobs. 

We believe in health care protections that this richest nation in the world has the capability to provide, and we believe in prescription drug care that is within the means of all, not solely those who can afford to pay the drug prices that are higher than our neighbors in Canada and most of the rest of the world. 

We believe that Social Security, America's greatest social program, is in good shape and with adjustments will continue to assist retirement plans for all of us.

We believe we should oppose privatization of Social Security as stockbroker greed that has failed in this and other countries. 

We believe that all working people in the fields and in the shops should receive fair compensation, be allowed to work in a safe environment, and be allowed the right for their voices to be heard.